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2021-02-23 00:31:35

- Displays the date, period, temperature and humidity for each day time. - Measures 17x11 inches for the large display that will is clearly noticeable at all occasions. - Automatically models the correct time and adjusts accordingly.

For almost all forgetful or joyful ones, they cannot count the time -- the white calendar wall digital clock displays time and date. Full-crystal large display, analog elements and beautiful, refined styling with dark elements.

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Retro wall structure desk clock by AMS with falling leaves as with the particular 70s, here with metal case metallic painted and 24 hours display. This kind of product is the high quality and extremely convenient calendar time clock that has got a blue LED. This is a product that offers 3 ranges of brightness. This particular analog wall clock adds beauty to the environment it is placed in. The Transmission setting function enables all NTP lighting to get the same setting at the same time. The four digits and six digits digital NTP clock WCK004 screen hour/minute or hour/minute/second with high presence, on both edges. Base model lighting are suitable for freestanding or walls mounting using the multi-angled brackets provided.

Ajanta Quratz Digital Rectangle Wall

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